Bishop Kamukwamba accused of procuring abortions for girls impregnated by his nephew priest

ANGLICAN Diocese of Central Zambia priests have complained that their Bishop Derrick Kamukwamba has been facilitating abortion for girls who are impregnated by his nephew who is training as a priest.
The sources said Bishop Kamukwamba’s nephew Stubbs has been living a sinful life and that his uncle has been in support of what he has been doing.
“What that boy has been doing is bad and we are not happy as priests in this diocese. Before he went for priesthood, he impregnated two girls and they have children for him, as a diocese we objected to this, but since his uncle is the bishop, he went to the seminary. Before he was ordained as deacon, the church refused and the church council at the Cathedral of the Holy Nativity refused to attend his ordination service as a way of rejecting him, because that boy drinks and he is ever found in bars, all this was brought to the attention of the Bishop but he went to on and ordain his nephew,” they complained.
The priests said Stubbs impregnated one of the girls from the youth fellowship and the Bishop facilitated for an abortion.
“There is a girls by the name of Musonda who Stubbs impregnated at church, when it was discovered that she was pregnant, she stopped coming to church and after some months, she came back to church and after investigations it was discovered that the Bishop facilitated for the abortion to protect his nephew,’ they said.
The sources also said that Stabbs has impregnated Bishop Kamubwamba’s wife’s niece a grade seven pupil Rebecca and that the family was trying to abort the pregnancy to protect both Stubbs and the bishop’s family.
“That man does not qualify to be a bishop; Stubbs is not the only person he is protecting. He has been protecting Mr. Potalinga. This Potalinga was a deacon but he was suspended because he divorced his wife and he was sent to Fiwila mission as a teacher there, he used to sleep with school girls and he has also impregnated two girls from  the same school, all this was brought to the attention of the bishop and the bishop kept protecting Potalinga now he wants to bring him back so that he can continue to pursue his priesthood career, we are not happy and this is the reason we have come here,” they said.

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