Bishop Kamukwamba locked out for procuring abortions


Anglican Diocese of Central Zambia Bishop Derick Kamukwamba has been rejected by the members of his church and they have since locked his office following reports that he has been facilitating abortion for his nephew deacon Stubbs Kamukwamba.

below is the letter that was written to the Arch bishop to reject bishop Kamukwamba and copied to him as well.  

15 December 2012

Your Grace

The Archbishop of The Province of Central Africa


Dear Archbishop




Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We, the undersigned, being members of the Anglican Diocese of Central Zambia, are writing to inform you that we have resolved to reject the leadership of Bishop Derek Kamukwamba as our Bishop.


The reasons for rejecting him are but not limited to the following:-


1.       The Bishop has a nephew called Stubbs Kamukwamba whom he forcibly ordained as Deacon against the will of the Congregation  (the Congregation Council members of the Cathedral boycotted this event).  It is now an open secret that Deacon Stubbs Kamukwamba is a hyper sexually active individual.  He has impregnated girls before he was ordained as Deacon.  But even within one year in the church service as Deacon, he has impregnated girls one of them by the name of Rebecca considered minor, and in Grade Seven.  What makes this more interesting is that Rebecca is a niece to the Bishop’s wife.  Both Stubbs and Rebecca lived under the same roof – in the Bishop’s own house.


2.       While still on Stubbs, the Deacon is very fond of drinking beer in public bars.  It has also been observed and verified that he has come to conduct church services at the Cathedral while drunk.  Stubbs is equally very disrespectful to people including his own uncle, the Bishop.  We can tell more about Stubbs but suffice to say that he has committed these sinful offences while staying under the same roof with his uncle Bishop Derek Kamukwamba, and yet no disciplinary action has been taken against him by his uncle the Bishop.  And as though that was not enough the Bishop has continued to allow him to conduct church services at the pulpit.


3.       Pontalinga is another relative of the Bishop who has consistently lived a sexually sinful and immoral life.  He divorced his wife while in service of the church as a Deacon; consequently he was suspended and sent to Fiwila Mission to teach.  But while there, he has continued to play the role of a playboy with women.  His life compares well with that of Deacon Stubbs, but to the surprise of everyone, the Bishop wants to ordain him as priest, turning a blind eye to the immoral life he (Pontalinga) is leading.


4.       There are other serious events happening concerning Bishop Kamukwamba, that he aids girls impregnated by Deacon Stubbs to perform abortions. Please refer to the Watchdog Article of November 5, 2012 (copy attached).  We are at great pains to ignore such information considering what is happening in the Bishop’s house and his unconcerned attitude.


5.       There is ample evidence of abuse of the Bishop’s Office and practice of nepotism:-


·         It has been observed that scholarships intended for the clergy of the Diocese and other members have been offered only to close members of the Bishop’s family.


·         In what seem designed circumstances, the Bishop influenced the appointment of his wife as head of the Hands of Compassion Community School in Chipulukusu in Ndola.


·         The Bishop deliberately suspended the Diocesan Evangelical Youth Leadership thereby depriving them of a trip abroad (Youth Exchange Program) while putting in their places his nephew Stubbs and other relatives.


·         It is also evident that the Bishop is vindictive to people who differ with him on matters of principle.  He could go to an extent of demoting or sacking church officials from their positions just because they point a wrong which he would have committed or stood for.


6.       We also want to bring to your attention an event which happened nearly ten (10) years ago and yet it is very much alive as you will see.


At about the time the Bishop was ordained, his young brother, Chisenga Kamukwamba impregnated a young girl named Fanny, a daughter to Mr and Mrs Mulaka, then a Sub-deacon at St Patrick’s Church in Chifubu, Ndola.


When Chisenga Kamukwamba was called before church elders, he admitted responsibility for impregnating Miss Fanny Mulaka with Pontalinga as witness.


Bishop Kamukwamba decided to have the girl take a pregnancy test and he collected the results and kept them.  At subsequent meetings, the Bishop never made them available until he finally declared them lost!!


Now double tragedy struck the Mulaka family; apart from their daughter being impregnated and the Bishop “losing the results”, he decided to strip Mr Mulaka of his Sub-Deaconship.  Why?  Just because he brought to the fore the issue that Bishop Kamukwamba’s brother, Chisenga messed his daughter.  We said that even though this is an old issue, it is still very much alive because out of it a girl was born – she is there as live evidence for all including the Bishop and his brother to see.


Your Lordship Archbishop, as Christians we are asking the following questions:-


(1)     For how long must we put up with these acts of sin?


(2)     Must Bishop Kamukwamba continue to support and side with his group of relatives to lead the church even when he and they have exhibited immorality for all to see?


What we are telling you is that we have lost faith in Bishop Kamukwamba because he has sided and not rebuked the strayed and sinful clergy.  He has shown us that he is there to protect members of his family even though they may be in the wrong and has abandoned the flock of the church, which is us.


We appreciate the existence of the Canons and Constitution of the Church.  But as Christians we are more guided by the Bible.


From the above and according to the Bible, Bishop Kamukwamba is living in sin and therefore cannot lead the Church of God.


According to the Constitution and Canons of Church of the Province of Central Africa the Bishop (and his nephew, Stubbs) have both committed offences under Canon 24(1)b which states “Sexual immorality” and 24(1)j which states “Conduct giving just cause for scandal or offence or otherwise unbecoming of a clergyman”.


Canon 25 of Sentences clearly stipulates SUSPENSION OF 3 years for those offences.


In our case, we do not want Derek Kamukwamba to perform the function of Bishop of Central Diocese as he has lost respect.  Upon delivery of his copy of this letter we shall proceed to lock up his office.


 As for his nephew, Stubbs Kamukwamba, the Cathedral has decided to do away with his services.


In conclusion, we wish to refer you to the following scriptures from the Bible which have guided us to take the above step:-


1.    1 Cor. 5: 9-13                             7.  Isaiah 3: 9-14            

2.    Eph. 5: 3-9                       8.  1 John 3: 6, 9-10                 

3.    Hebrews 12: 16-17             9.  1 Tim 3: 1-12

4.    1 Peter 5: 2-4                   10. Titus 1: 5-17

5.    Acts 20 : 28                      11.  Ezekiel 34: 1-end                

6.    1 Cor. 10: 32



If nothing is done about this issue, we reserve the right to seek other means to redress the matter.


We remain,

Yours in Christ








Cc      Bishop Derek Kamukwamba – Central Diocese

Cc      Diocesan Registrar – Central Zambia

Cc      Cathedral Chapter

Cc      The Registrar of Societies

Cc      All Parishes

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