Bishop Mambo accuses people surrounding Sata of being cruel, as Sata expected to address the UN assembly

Former Church of God Overseer Bishop John Mambo has doubted genuineness in the people surrounding President Michael Sata.

And the PF have continued to push ailing Sata to strenuous activities as he finally arrived New York today for the 69th session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly where he will join other heads of State in the general debate and other deliberations.

Bishop Mambo says President Sata should not have been subjected to opening the fourth session of the eleventh national assembly in the health state he appears to be in.

Bishop Mambo notes that much as the President has a heart to work, he should not panic if he cannot manage to work but needs to rest until he is much better.

He adds that exposing the President during the opening Parliament brings big question on what type of leadership the country as citing that it gives an impression that all those surrounding him have hidden agendas.

Bishop Mambo says government leadership are so drunk with power, so rich and so corrupt adding that Zambia has become a country with no integrity with leaders who are not honesty to both the President and the people of Zambia.

He further states that the church should now not pretend but begin to organize national prayers for the President’s well being.

And sick Sata arrived in New York, United States of America, for the UN General Assembly accompanied by first lady Dr. Christine Kaseba.

Defence and Justice Minister Edgar Lungu is the Acting president.

Others accompanying president Sata are Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister Robert Sichinga and his Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations George Chellah.

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba, his Lands counterpart Mwansa Kapeya and Emerine Kabanshi from Community Development Mother and Child Health arrived ahead of the Presidential entourage.

Mr Sata arrived around 23:25 hours (about 05:25 Zambian time) at JF Kennedy International Airport.

Sata will be expected to deliver a speech at the UN session, whose theme is ‘Delivering on and implementing a transformative post-2015 development agenda.’

The Zambian delegation will participate in the Climate Summit tomorrow to be convened by UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon.

On Friday, Sata fell on the stairs of National Assembly buildings and failed to complete reading the speech prepared for him.

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