Bishop Mambo opposed to creation of Religious Ministry

Former church of God overseer Bishop John Mambo has observed that there is no need to establish a Ministry of Religion because the Church mother bodies are enough to play the role the Ministry would play.
Reacting to a pronouncement by PF president Edgar Lungu that he intends to establish a Ministry of Religion, Bishop Mambo cautioned that the Ministry will work against the spirit of togetherness and may bring divisions among churches.
He has also questioned whether the country has enough money to support the creation of more ministries.
And Christian Coalition president Charles Mwape says the country should draw lessons from the religious desk that had been created by President Fredrick Chiluba but was inaccessible to the men of God.
But Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) Executive Director Pukuta Mwanza says the move is welcome claiming that it will help the Christian faith in Zambia.
PF president Edgar Lungu made the pronouncement on creating a new ministry despite the ongoing petition of his election currently before the Constitutional Court.

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