Bishop Mambo to be jailed despite apologising

Bishop Mambo to be jailed despite apologising

Despite making an undeserved apology to Supreme Court judges, Bishop John Mambo and journalist Derick Sinjela may still be jailed.

This is in the case where nine supreme court judges are intimidating citizens, activists and journalists who are fighting corruption in judiciary especially in the Savenda v Stanbic Bank case.

Bishop Mambo wrote a letter to the Chief Justice Irene Mambilima and law enforcement agencies to investigate reports that judges were bribed to set aside a High Court judgment that ordered the bank to compensate Savenda for breach of duty and negligence. But Mambilima and her deputy Marvin Mwanamwambwa turned their anger on Bishop Mambo and Gregory Chifire and Sinjela. They charged them with contempt of court for a case that had already been disposed of by the courts.

Three other people wrote similar letters but the judges, in a show of bias ignored them.

The allegations of corruption remain as they have not been addressed and the judges hope, in their wildest dreams, that they will be forgotten.

As for journalist Sinjela who was betrayed by MISA to Stanbic Bank, he was made to look like a fool in court. He was made to recite an apology drafted by Eric Silwamba and go round in court telling fellow journalists that ‘I am sorry’ much to the glee of the sadistic judges.

Bishop Mambo was tricked by his lawyers Chifumo Banda. During the first sitting, the Bishop to find lawyers as lawyers were afraid to defend the activists knowing very well that the matter had a predetermined outcome. Suddenly, some lawyers made themselves available to him garbed as good Samaritans. How can a lawyer be a good Samaritan? The night before the day of hearing, Chifumo Banda, Bishop Mambo’s lawyer’s lawyer, met judges Mwanamwambwa and Mambilima and some other judges. In that meeting, the judges told lawyer Chifumo Banda to go and press the Bishop to ‘just apologise’ then the matter will be closed.

But now the matter is no longer under Chifumo Banda’s control. The judges got what they wanted, and they can either accept or reject the apology. Since he already admitted guilty, it is up to the judges to decide what to do with him. The apology can only be taken in to consideration as a mitigating factor for his sentence. Whatever the case, Bishop Mambo will walk away with a criminal record.

The Watchdog is reliably informed that Judges Mambilima, Mwanamwambwa and the others who were specifically mentioned in the Stanbic bribery want Bishop Mambo and Sinjela to be given custodial sentences (jailed). But the other three are urging that they should just reprimand their victims.

But the majority want jail sentences so that no one should ever talk about the corruption in the judiciary.

This is a clear abuse of office as these charges are meant to protect individuals who are mentioned in corruption. It is these same individuals who are sitting as judges, prosecutors and witnesses.

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