Bishop Mpundu says there is no witch-hunt

Bishop Mpundu says there is no witch-hunt


… _Witch-hunt_ _?_ _If_ _there_ _is_ _a_ _witch_ _in_ _the_ _village_ , _there_ _will_ _be_ _a_ _hunt_ – _Archbishop_ _Telesphore_ _Mpundu_

1. There is no witch-hunt. If there is a witch in the village, there has to be a hunt for that witch.

2. Yes, the PF leaders have to be summoned, charged and arrested, and prosecuted if they did wrong.

3. The Church will not speak for PF leaders. The leaders have voices; let them speak for themselves. Let them organise demonstrations. The Church will speak for the voiceless, the ordinary people.

4. The PF leaders should stop being cry babies and face the music.

5. No one should be above the law. No person,including the President, should have immunity. No one should be above the law.

6. Law Enforcement Agencies must be given room to operate. They must be allowed to be professional.

7. Promises are made to be broken. Every Government has broken promises since 1964. This Government has not broken any promises; there are only delays.

8. Everyone is free to speak. The Church will usually speak when there is total silence, when people are not able to speak. The PF should speak and not rely upon the Church.

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