Bitter PF magistrate Walusiku continues tormenting freedom fighters

Bitter PF magistrate Walusiku continues tormenting freedom fighters


Alice Walusiki, a PF member working as magistrate has continued tormenting and harassing people who helped removal PF from power.

Magistrate Walusiku is credited for sending to jail more opposition members during the PF regime than any other magistrate or judge.

Up to now, Alice Walusiku is still fighting for PF and determined to send freedom fighters to jail . What bitterness can do.

Currently she has 6 cases of people that opposed PF on her list of people to be sent to jail.

One such victim of Alice Walusiku’s political bias is New Labour Party president Fresher Siwale. She has been harassing this man from 2019, denying him bail causing him to spend months in jail.

As late as August 30 magistrate Alice Walusiku was still allowed to issue a bench warrant against Siwale.

The warrant was issued after missed a court session.

Magistrate Alice Walusiku is charging the veteran politician  with defamation of Mr Edgar Lungu.

According to PF prosecutors working with magistrate Walusiku, on April 22, 2018, Siwale, with intent to bring Lungu’ name into ridicule, hatred or contempt, claimed that Mr Edgar Lungu is an identity fraud who should be arrested.

Siwale also revealed that Lungu was not Zambian and that his real name is Jonathan Mutaware.

Other people being persecuted by Alice Walusiku upto now on behalf of PF are Marshland Consortium directors.

Marshland directors are being persecuted by Alice Walusiku for insuring President Hichilema’s fleet of vehicles.

It looks like the political emancipation that was brought by the defeat of PF will not benefit some people as long as PF members like Walusiku remain in the judiciary and police.

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