Bizwell Mutale refuses to withdraw his tribal hate Statement

Bizwell Mutale refuses to withdraw his tribal hate Statement

By Enoch Lusoke and Logic Lukwanda

Patriotic Front Member of the National Mobilization Committee Bizwell Mutale has justified his recent remarks bordering on tribalism.

And Mr. Mutale says he will not apologize to the Tonga people over his remarks because as far as he is concerned, he has not done anything wrong.

Speaking at the PF Media Interactive Forum in Lusaka this morning, Mr. Mutale said his remarks were not tribal and accused the media of deliberately distorting what he said to suit their interest.

Mr. Mutale described himself as a nationalist who is against tribalism and repeated the remarks he made in Pemba recently, explaining the context.

Meanwhile, veteran politician, Vernon Mwaanga is calling on President Edgar Lungu to take serious action against cabinet and patriotic front members making tribal statements in order to preserve the spirit of the “One Zambia One Nation motto.

Recently, there has been growing concern from various stakeholders over the increase in the number of politicians, especially from the ruling party making tribal statements during political campaigns.

In an interview with Phoenix News, Dr Mwaanga says it is saddening to hear a cabinet minister or government officials making statements based on tribal lines which have the potential to cause anarchy and divisions in the country.

And Chief Chikanta of the Tonga speaking people of Kalomo District in southern province has called on traditional leaders from across the country to stand up and condemn the growing trend of tribalism being perpetrated by politicians.


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