Bizwell Mutale using fake South African ID

Bizwell Mutale using fake South African ID

By Luke Mwanza

The South African Department of Home Affairs is currently investigating PF Tribalist and National Mobilization Committee Member, Bizwell Mutale, for using a fraudulent South African citizenship ID.

Mutale has in his possession a South African ID which is suspected to have been obtained ifraudulently.

For a non South African to qualify for an ID, they need to meet specified and stringent conditions.

There are three ways to acquire South African citizenship: by birth, by descent or by naturalisation.

Bizwell Mutale was born in Zambia and therefore is disqualified to qualify for South African citizenship by birth.

He also doesn’t qualify to be South African by descent because non of his parents were South African and neither was his birth registered in South Africa.

Mutale also doesn’t qualify for South African citizenship through naturalisation as the conditions are that he should have held a permanent residence permit for at least five years. To qualify for permanent residence, Bizwell should have lived in South Africa as an ordinary resident.

Also, he is not married to a South African, his wife is Zambian.

Mutale should have lived for an additional four years in South Africa during the eight years before he can even make an application for naturalisation. In essence, Mutale should have lived in South Africa for a minimum of 10 years before he can get South African citizenship.

According to sources from the department of home Affairs, it’s even unlikely that Bizwell Mutale, can qualify for a simple work permit As he possess no special skills to qualify for one.

Bizwell Mutale obtained his residence in South Africa through fraud and bribery and lives in the country through a series of criminal activities which the South African authorities are also still investigating.

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