BJ Ngosa accused of creating confusion in music industry


It is with great concern that Pastor BJ Ngosa has embarked on a hate packed crusade to destroy the progressing music industry in Zambia by targeting certain individuals that he wants to permanently defame.

You may recall that there were money theft allegations at ZAM in which clearly, the person who stole the money is Callen Chisha ( Also known as Twice) going by both by police records and common knowledge of the general membership. Surprisingly, Pastor Ngosa went ahead and expelled Brian Chilala and Davies Ngoma who had nothing to do with bank transactions involving that money. The two have been brought into public ridicule to the amusement of the insensitive and hypocritical self-ordained pastor. This was purely meditated by Ngosa. He is busy defaming innocent colleagues before the public with impunity and with no human heart. Can’t people like Ngosa believe that there are honest people with clean records in Zambia and indeed in the music fraternity?
Recently he lobbied for his inclusion in the Task force on Implementation of the Hologram at the Permanent Secretary’s office in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services, a role that should have been played by Maiko Zulu who is the ZAM chairman or Mr. Njoya Tembo who is the publicity Secretary. Other stakeholders like the National Arts Council (NAC), Zambia Music Copyright and Protection Society (ZAMCOPS), CYCOP, NAMA etc are represented by their elected chairpersons except ZAM. The committee is supposed to be made up of Heads of stakeholder institutions and not vice chairpersons. I feel pity for our hardworking Permanent Secretary, Mr. Amos Malupenga, because he does not know what type of a venomous snake that he is dealing with in BJ Ngosa. The man can’t even greet fellow musicians if he met them especially poor ones.  He is too proud and too sure that he knows more than everyone.
From the time BJ Ngosa started bringing meditated confusion in the music circles with impunity, the ZAM membership has reduced from 278 in 2009 to about 120 in 2013 whilst ZAMCOPS membership has increased to over six thousand in 2013, NAMA mebership has doubled and ZAPOTA has also registered more members. So, we are talking of a ZAM that is so noisy in the media but does not even have a significant membership base and this is largely due to the habitual gossip and division tactics of BJ Ngosa. He has a slippery tongue and feels so happy when his meditated lies against others are believed. This year ZAM failed to hold its routine annual general meeting because of the confusion created by BJ Ngosa. When the Hologram arrived at the KK airport, Maiko Zulu was sidelined after Ngosa lobbied for inclusion and spoke ill of his colleagues, all because of his hunger for power. He has an inferiority complex and for some reasons feels insecure. One Week later, Maiko Zulu had resigned from his position all because of the frustrations from BJ Ngosa. Is this what you call a pastor? He is just some sugar coated chloroquin.
May the Government through NAC dissolve ZAM executive before BJ Ngosa facilitates reduction of ZAM membership from the current 120 to one member called Pastor Ngosa. Watisebanya mudala chokani mponi and give chance for Zambian music to grow.

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