BJ Ngosa condemns PF media director

BJ Ngosa condemns PF media director

BJ Ngosa condemns Sunday Chanda for a reply -“ni wiso ule eba “against Pilato’s song

Pastor BJ Ngosa Who supported the re-Election of President Edgar Lungu has condemned the PF and media director, Sunday Chanda for organizing a response to Pilato’s song.

In the reply “ Ni wiso ule eba” the song condemns Pilato’s father( Hakainde Hichilema) and his alleged sponsor Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba referring to them as “Shonongo” ( Satan) and uwachilufumo( pot-bellied) men.

But Pastor Ngosa Who is a gospel artist and pastors a church, Destiny Ministries, says it’s unchristian to respond evil for evil.

He also said the response was contributing to the degradation and degeneration of the conduct of politics.

Below is what he wrote;

“I know after reading this some if not many of you will go back to your most regular slogans “these are politics BA PASTOR” so please don’t.

“We cannot sink this low and begin to pay evil with evil where are we taking this nation tata ba Sunday? This song is an insult to integrity, maturity and even the norms of our beliefs as a Christian Nation.”

“We should not allow ourselves to sink this low that we begin to level ourselves with people of no character and moral conviction.”

“I personally wish to disagree with this way of doing politics and I believe this generation of politicians should not even support such. I am praying that we learn that we are above these childish games being played by opposition by fighting a good fight of faith.”

“How can we sink this low to engage in insults…any way like you would say ma politics aya…but ayakwi?”

“Am sure from Hell and as long as I am a member of this party and an adamant supporter of a president who loves the CHRISTIAN nation I will not provide any single support to such degeneration if politics.”

“I asked yesterday and indicated that we do not answer a fool while he talks then people will not distinguish between us.”

1 PETER 3:9 “Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the contrary, repay evil with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing.”

“Already we have defeated any sensable rebuke targeted at the person who started this kind of childishness because any word against him is also against these so called supporters of PFWHO HAVE done this song or paid these artists to do so. TAMA POLITICS AYA NINSELE ISHI NWANTAPA and you will not handle it.”

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