Blackmail remark: Britain to meet RB privately

The British Government says it will seek a confidential meeting with President Rupiah Banda to discuss on issues relating to donor relationship.

British High Commissioner to Zambia Tom Carter disclosed this in a Statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today saying the British government did not want to conduct its relationship with the Zambian government through the media.
” However, we do not conduct our relationship with the Zambian government through the media.  I will be seeking an early call on HE the President to have a confidential exchange on this important subject.”
Mr Carter however noted that the partnership between donors and the Zambian government was of key importance in an effort to reduce poverty in the country.

Mr Carter added that the partnership was of key importance as the donors and Zambia tried together to deliver the long-term goals of reducing poverty in Zambia, and achieving the Zambian government’s target of reaching middle income status by the year 2030.

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