Blame Litunga and advisors, Lungu tells Lozis

Blame Litunga and advisors, Lungu tells Lozis

BLAME YOUR LITUNGA & BRE NOT US – President Edgar Lungu

Zambian president has distanced himself and his government from the on going public outcry from Lozis speaking people who have condemned and accused him of trying to delete the kingdom of Barotseland. When meeting a group calling itself Lozi elders this week, he disclosed to them that, he has an open door policy.

The group of Lozi elders held a private meeting with president Lungu in trying to find a last solution with ongoing debates about deleting Barotseland.

President lungu, categorically stated that, at no time has he tried to delete or suppressed Lozis, but he said he was the second one from late president Michael Sata to recognise and accept that Barotseland agreement is an international document that is required to be resolved. I’m a lawyer by profession and myself I understand and know international agreements and treaties.

He said, he has tried all his best in resolving the impasse but the BRE and Litunga are the people that are failing to cooperate and come on board with clear and one road map.

I held so many meetings with Barotse activists here at state house and I told them to engage the BRE so that we resolve this issue.
Infact in 2018 we gave the BRE money for consultation on the best way of implementing the Barotse agreement but up to date they have failed to give us the report. We gave them amounting to 1million kwacha, Vehicles and other needed items. But you can imagine up to day there is absolutely nothing that come to us.

Now today , you come and say President Lungu is trying to delete Barotseland kingdom how?? Only a mad person can deny that fact, we all know that Barotseland existed for about 500 years ago and Zambia is only making 55 years now.

Will all die and leave Barotseland. I have my two grandchildren who are Lozis, I wouldn’t want them to blame me in the future , that grandfather you were the president how come you didn’t resolve the Barotseland issue, look we are now refuges in Congo, Lishomwa is my grandchild. I have always said let’s resolve the Barotseland issue but the BRE only wants to receive money. Nothing will come out from them other than requesting for Budget allocation for consultation from there so called regional kuta’s.

President Edgar lungu said, I had asked them to show me where the boundaries are and also opened up the door to both Barotse activists and BRE. But the BRE and the Litunga they don’t want to resolve this issue, it takes years for them to table any serious programs.

Barotseland is not in the Zambian constitution that’s true because the Agreement was abrogated in 1969 by Kenneth Kaunda and not me. The Barotse province was renamed to western province.

Let me remind you, I’m sure you saw last month just over the recent Bill 10 constitution amendments submissions BRE failed to make a comprehensive recommendation but we hear only the opposition party called ULP spoke on their behalf , are these people serious??? Asked the President

How can Barotseland name be included in the constitution when you owners you are not participating. Will always be left out.

Now here we wonder if these people are serving the people or there personal gaining and we can not always give them money, if you have noticed I don’t easily go to Barotseland, maybe in a year it’s either once or two or completely zero because of the cultural of wanting free money by the Kuta.

I can go anywhere in Zambia and visit any Chief even without paying them money but in Barotseland its total different.

The BRE doesn’t have even any proper structure of projects proposals or business initiatives to run, all they want is free money from central government. On top of that we still pay the Litunga annually the Barotseland agreement of 1964 you can see on the yellow page.

I have held so many meetings with both Barotse activists and BRE including other people within and abroad but the Kuta is the problem.

Someone was telling me that , the Kuta doesn’t even work in accordance of conducting the operations of the Kuta to the people. It doesn’t even sit to resolve land disputes and other issues affecting its people.

We hear, the only work they do is to organise Kuomboka/kufuluhela ceremonies, Coliso celebrations , chiefs & Indunas installations and Royal visitations and that’s if we engage them other than that, the Kuta is an elephant.

The Kuta has no proper programs for its own people. They can’t even fight for there people I receive so many queries from Lozis on how do I manage to cooperate with the Kuta system.

My conclusion is go and rebrand your BRE Kuta , so that we can speak to people who understands things. We are not in 1964, this is 2019 and the door is open. Otherwise you will always gets injured because truths will always come out. I can’t pretend, the constitution of Zambia doesn’t have or recognises Barotseland, yes Barotseland is there which is your region but in our republican constitution it’s not written. These are some of the issues I said even before I become president but your BRE is quiet and it seems the only speak when the want money. I was advised by former head of state that , the BA1964 is business money making venture for some families in Barotseland. I have witnessed it.

As government we serious expected to receive a strong reaction from the BRE but we never, days passed and I actually told madam Wina, Justice minister bo Lubinda and Attorney general Bo Kalaluka that your Authority is sleeping. I can’t force BRE to resolve this matter. We saw Prince AKA coming out so strongly, we said he was emotional. Bo Aka was former president Rupia Banda’s Adviser but where was he when January 14 the Linyungandambo fracas? He was here in Lusaka enjoying. He was right here in state house advising Rupia Banda. Apart from that, He was a minister in Chiluba’s regime but he couldn’t fight for inclusion of Barotseland. So these are some of the things I always tell my colleagues to be careful analyse this concept of Barotseland.

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