Bloggers criticise Lungu for blaming God instead of taking responsibility for failed economy

Bloggers criticise Lungu for blaming God instead of taking responsibility for failed economy

Zambian bloggers have criticised President Edgar Lungu for his consistent refusal to take responsibility for his failure to effectively manage the economy but instead blame God and the Zambezi River. Yesterday, Lungu said it is unfortunate that Zambians are blaming him for the economic woes the country is going through.
Lungu claimed that the depreciation of the kwacha and the low rainfall which the country is currently experiencing are natural phenomenon which has nothing to do with his administration.
Lungu said he is just coming from Namibia where, according to him, people are equally complaining about the poor rainfall pattern and the depreciation of their country’s currency.

But Zambians critically analyzed these empty statements and gave the correct verdict.
Here are some of the comments posted on Lusaka Times:

One blogger said, ‘What a clueless clown!
How did Zambia end up with such rubbish in the most important job in the Nation?
God help us!’

Another blogger said “No one is to blame,” says the Buck.
The buck stops here ED. Taking responsibility for not having solutions is better than out and out ostrich head burying. Global leaders face global problems and the better ones know how to know the job comes with eating major humble pie when necessary. It can’t only be about taking credit (even for projects started by previous governments) and looking good. It’s about telling that miner, you lost your job on my shift and I’m sorry but here’s my plan…

Yet another blogger commented, ‘A Phiri, 100% correct, Lungu is the custodian of the economy and has to take responsibility. He never wants to take responsibility for anything. Leadership is manning up and taking charge of the situation instead of throwing your hands up and distancing yourself from the problem like he is doing.
Your failure Lungu is how badly you have managed the economy in these hard times.
HH will be the better economic manager
Viva HH’

You guys, bring back the bumper harvest you have been exporting ba PF,’ said another blogger

One blogger had this to say: ‘If lungu has failed to lead the nation he should move over and let HH who knows how to run an economy take over.
This statement sound like an admission that Lungu has no vision or plan for Zambia.
A lungu taking responsibility is the first step to finding amicable solutions to problems the nation is facing.
HH was absolutely right when he said PF ni ba chimbwi no plan for sure.
VIVA UPND and the HH team.’

‘Edgar Lungu, please take responsibility. Things are bad because you have no skills to run a an economy. In the midst of the worst power crisis you appoint a journalist to be Minister of Energy and remove an Electrical Engineer. Connects like GDP, inflation and depreciation are alien to your vocabulary. You are failed lawyer unqualified for the position you occupy,’ one blogger said.

One blogger simply said: “The price of greatness is responsibility.” Winston Churchill.

Said yet another blogger ‘We don’t blame you when things are bad but the moment things get better you want us to give you credit. Just a few months back the dollar was trading at K15 you distanced yourself saying we should not blame you because it is global. But when your cadres at BOZ did some magic and ofloaded the reserves of dollars in the economy the Kwacha came down to K10.50 and you took credit for it. Even that fat minister of yours kambwili praised you for your effort to stabilize the kwacha. Now we all know BOZ is running out of money and kwacha will climb the ladder again, you have started blaming the world and running away from responsibility.
Mr Lungu me I blame you. You have to put up economic policies that benefit the country. You exported the maize just a few months back and you even justified it…’

One more blogger commented that ‘What is Edgar good at apart from dancing? Just tell me 1 thing. I can tell about HH, but this Edgar, awe mwe… he can’t even manage his wife.. dancing around like a single woman’

Another one said ‘This chap is sick! This has nothing to do with PF, UPND, FDD no this Zambia we are talking about! One must take responsibility when things go wrong!’

‘What more can he say?
This is a public admission he has failed to do the job.
Not only that, it is also a clear that he has not only failed to do the job, BUT HE HAS NOT EVEN UNDERSTOOD WHAT HE IS SUPPOSED TO DO IN GOVERNMENT, and what the job actually requires,’ a blogger said.

one explained that, ‘Namibia despite being a desert, sporadic rainfall and only independent for half of the time Zambia has been, has more to show for than us! Botswana is not even allowing people to was their cars or water their gardens! FTJ was cursed from day one, but he had a lot of goodwill! Even when things went wrong, he took responsibility! He eventually stopped blaming KK! Maybe EL must blame a cobra for lack of someone to pass the buck on!

“Ninety-nine percent of all failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses.” George Washington Carver

President Lungu, we are not blaming you for the economic challenges of the Nation. There were challenges before and there will be in the future. Did you not know that before you took the job?
But we are expecting you to address them and manage them effectively.

Leadership is about taking responsibility not making excuses..but since this utterly lazy bum Edgar poses no leadership qualities whatsoever; its wishful thinking expecting such a blundering f**l to accept any responsibility..all they are good for is dancing and drinking!!

Then why do you want to be re-elected? Get serious dude!

“The man who complains about the way the ball bounces is likely to be the one who dropped it.” Lou Holtz

“The man who complains about the way the ball bounces is likely to be the one who dropped it.” Lou Holtz

Global shocks are always expected how you anticipate and plan for them is what makes you a leader! and that is why people vote for you not humbleness and whatever other virtue you claim to possess. I dont think Joseph the visionary in the Bible was completely humble otherwise the treatment of his brothers would have been perceived extremely outside his Character. Lungu, this game plan wont help, you are educated enough to know that such gibberish will only appeal to the Myopic

Who should we blame? Guy Scott? He was only there for 3 months

This irresponsible statement from Edgar Lungu is truly shocking. Is this a joke? You are the Captain of the Ship, So how do you blame the direction of your Ship on the wind just because it is not blowing directly from behind but at at an angle??. There is an old wise saying “It is NOT the blowing of the wind that determines the destination of your ship, IT IS THE ANGLE OF YOUR SAIL”. The Captain sets the angle of the sail, and it is the direction of the resultant force induced that determines the destination.

What a clueless charlatan. Maybe his alcohol problem is more serious than I thought. So somebody else is governing the nation on his behalf, efyo!? As CEO of Zambia akana ukuchita (denied) shoulder responsibility for the economic mess that PF has brought. This statement of his tells me he doesn’t even have basic management skills, let alone leadership. I feel so sorry for the majority non-politically connected people who will continue to wallow in poverty while he and his henchmen drive the nation into an economiclungu

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