Blood bath awaits UPND strongholds as PF thugs and police invade

Hundreds of PF thugs and paramilitary policemen have been dispatched to all UPND strongholds with instructions to butcher UPND supporters and later arrest them after the Constitutional court rulings expected today.

The cadres, under the command of Edgar Lungu’s newly recruited thug commander and Kalulushi MP elect Bowman Lusambo and Jean Kapata have been instructed to provoke their UPND counterparts.

When the arrests are done, some dangerous weapons including guns will be planted in their homes and ‘unearthed’ in a clean up operation so that they can be imprisoned for their political choice. The areas targeted are Southern, North Western and Western provinces.

In spite of having yielded some pressure on the constitutional court, Lungu is unstable as he still suspects that the court may rule against his wishes.

With this plan, Zambia is at crossroads and the peace so much talked about may just go up in flames.

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