‘Boarding houses around UNZA too expensive’

Firstly I would like to pass my regards and thank you for the good job you doing. It is through your posts that government has made some changes in some places.

I am a student at the university of Zambia who currently did not get accommodated. I would like to use you to get through government to do something about the boarding houses near the university of Zambia especially the one next to victoria hospital in Kalundu

A bed space is Kr600per month then security fee is kr300 we also pay for equipment used to clean toilets. This is too expensive for us students who did not get university accommodation but come from far places.

Besides that, our boarding house is quiet far from school and its not always possible for us to go and study in the library so we conduct our studies in the boarding houses. This is also a problem because unfortunately, our boarding house has been turned into a church.

Every weekend from Friday to Sunday they have church services, prayers conducted in a way that one cannot concentrate when studying.

I would like to appeal to government to look into this matter because boarding houses oppress students through their high fees and irrelevant activities.

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