Bob Sichinga: I accepted to work under Sata though I knew he is not educated

Bob Sichinga: I accepted to work under Sata though I knew he is not educated

Commerce Minister Bob Sichinga says President Michael Sata is not educated.

Sichinga made the statement in London last evening, December 3, 2011 when he addressed Zambians in UK at the Zambian high commission.

Sichinga, who spent most of the time boasting about his academic credentials, told his audience that he was more educated than most of them.

The economist, Sichinga spoke passionately about his rich academic and career background saying he studied in UK in 1970s and left to work in Zambia at the end of his studies.

He said despite his rich education background, he accepted to work with President Michael Sata despite knowing that the president is not educated.

He said in the PF government, there are also other leaders who are educated to PHD level.

He however expressed happiness at how hard working the president is.

Sichinga’s boasting and reference to the president’s humble education however did not please some listeners who were heard murmuring that Sichinga seems to be campaigning for the presidency should an opportunity occur.

The outgoing Zambian high commissioner to London, Prof. Mukwena looked confused throughout the meeting. At the end, the Professor was seeing standing by himself without chatting to anyone.

During the presentation, Sichinga also encouraged Zambians living in UK to consider returning to Zambia.

He explained the PF government’s desire to improve the lives of Zambian, and would want their participation using skills gained while in the United Kingdom.

Among the incentive he mentioned was the opening of a one stop shop in Lusaka, to speed up the process of opening a company.

A few Zambian spoken to, concluded that Bob Sichinga did seem to be campaigning to become a PF Leader should the position become vacant than encouraging Zambians to go back to their country.

A Zambian lady spoken to, said, she would be happy to return if corruption comes to an end, and the standard of living improves but said the PF government should distribute Zambian wealth equally to all provinces.

And PF London Branch chairman, Mr. Zulu referred to Prof. Mukwena as Dr. Mukwena which is considered as an insult in the academic world.

When Prof. Mukwena was refered to as “Dr”, the professor looked up to the standing Mr. Zulu for about 30 seconds.

In 2010, Sata told the country that he has two degrees. This was during the heated debate to include University degree as a requirement for a person seeking to stand as president of Zambia.

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