Bob Sichinga says economy has collapsed under Lungu due to lack of vision

Bob Sichinga says economy has collapsed under Lungu due to lack of vision

12474015_1030278070387681_5274888994882836424_oFormer Commerce Minister Bob Sichinga says due to the lack of visionary leadership, Zambia’s economy has crumbled uncontrollably.

Speaking this afternoon when he joined the United Party for National Development at Chainama Hotel in Lusaka Mr Sichinga, who served as a Cabinet Minister in the ruling Patriotic Front Government, said that his decision to rejoin the UPND is final as he wants to contribute to the country’s economic emancipation.

And Mr Sichinga has called on the people of Zambia to elect a focused President who he says is no other than UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

Meanwhile, the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has reiterated the need for unity and peaceful coexistence if Zambia is to fully realise its potential politically, economically and socially.

And Mr Hichilema has called on President Lungu to with immediate effect open the closed universities in the country, adding that not so doing will be affecting their academic calendar.

Mr Hichilema added that the students who President Lungu has sent back home are being denied their right to education and their potential of contributing to the country’s economic growth is being undermined.

He says it is, however, saddening to note that the PF and President Lungu are accusing opposition political parties of fueling tensions in higher learning institutions charging that this is shameful.

And speaking at same event, UPND Vice-President for Administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba says President Lungu has failed to run the country, adding that he is ever running away and globe trotting.

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