Minister Bob Sichinga’s Mkushi lover exposed

Minister Bob Sichinga’s Mkushi lover exposed

Just yesterday, MMD leader Pastor Nevers Mumba said that there is too much immorality in PF. Here is one example of immorality among the top leadership of the ruling party, the people entrusted to run the country.

IMG-20140518-WA0000This is Thabo Mulenga. She is one of Commerce minister Bob Sichinga’s string of lovers. She stays in Mkushi, where she is operating a hair salon.

Just recently, Sichinga bought Thabo a house in Libala.

Sichinga is an old man with a lot of old children and grandchildren. One of his sons is married to president’ Michael Sata’s daughter.

But Sichinga still loves small girls. His wife lives in constant shame because even at church where the wife goes, (near parliament motel) he has impregnated at least two girls. (Details later).

The wife tried to fight off the girls but she just gave up as some are as young as her granddaughters.

According to people close to Sichinga, he started dating Thabo when she was in secondary school and Kambule High school in Western province.

She has now grown into a woman but people close to her say she can’t find a man to marry her as those who try to date her ‘disappear’ once they hear her life story.

But, Thabo’s mother who lives in Lusaka is aware of the relationship and even encourages it.

The sad part is that, Thabo is just one of the many.

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