Body of Zambian student who died in Czech expected Saturday, thanks to patriotic Zambians

Grieved Zambians from home and abroad have managed to positively contribute financial resources towards the bringing of the remains of a Zambian student, Sikwebela Malitela, who died in the Czech in unclear circumstances.

Sources close to the organisers say the remains of the deceased arrive on Saturday morning, aboard British Aiways, for onward burial to Mongu, Western province, his proposed final resting.

The Zambian government refused to help the family saying it is not the responsibly of the PF government to repatriate remains of Zambians who die abroad if they were not on government mission.

After the PF  government announced its decision through foreign affairs minister, Given Lubinda to neglect a son of the Zambian soil, his fellow ordinary citizens mobilised themselves to help.

In a move that is a direct rebuke to the PF government, Zambians within the country and abroad assisted the family with financial resources to repatriate the relative’s remains from that country.

The father to the deceased (Sikwibela Malitela) in the Czech Republic was given four options by the Czech Government.

1. Pay equivalent K60 million to have the body embalmed and sent to Zambia,

2. To have the body cremated in Czech and have the ashes sent to Zambia,

3.To pay for his burial in the Czech Republic and pay a yearly fee for the grave,

4.To surrender the body of the son to the Czech Government for a paupers burial.

The Association of Zambians in Atlanta (USA), CrossFire BlogRadio in UK, opposition UPND and others mounted a campaign in a very non-partisan manner to raise the funds.

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