Body of deceased Zambian student: Now ashamed PF govt offer help

Under pressure and fear of embarrassment, the Zambian government quietly rescinded its decision to abandon the Zambian student, Sikwibela Malitela, who died in Czech Republic and have also contributed towards repatriating his remains from that country to Zambia.

Initially, the PF government through Foreign Affairs Minister, Given Lubinda, issued a statement in parliament disowning the deceased and refused to shoulder the bill for his repatriation because he had gone to that country on his own accord.

The move made fellow Zambians home and abroad to mobilise themselves and started contributing finances towards repatriating a fellow citizen from that country to Mongu, in Western Zambia, his resting place.

But the organisers have now said the Zambian government came to the rescue of the family and also contributed government resources towards repatriating his body.

A brief statement from CrossFire BlogRadio
 based in United Kingdom, who were among the main organisers read “The correct position is that while we were part of the group that organised the fundraising, the Zambian government did rescind their decision and have paid for the repatriation of the body.

Among the organisations that mounted a spirited non-partisan fundraising drive and campaign included the opposition UPND, CrossFire BlogRadio, and the Association of Zambians based in Atlanta, United States.

The late Sikwibela Malitela ‘s body arrives in Zambia Saturday morning aboard British Airways.

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