Body of Spanish woman killed on safari arrives in Lusaka

The body of the Málaga woman who died while on safari in Luangwa national park on Wednesday last week was not expected to arrive in South Africa until Monday, from where it will be transported back to Spain.

29 year old Laura Peláez from Antequera was killed by a stampeding elephant in Zambia’s Luangwa National Park, and her body had arrived in Lusaka by Saturday, where the friends who with her on the trip said they were experiencing problems and a lack of support in getting the body out of the country to Johannsesburg.

The group of 20 have cancelled the rest of their holiday and EFE reports they all plan to remain in Lusaka until repatriation of Laura’s body is resolved. Spain only has an Honorary Consul in Zambia, and it’s understood the process is being coordinated by the Spanish Embassy in Zimbabwe.

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