Boers at Kansanshi mine introduce apartheid, install robots to prevent vehicles for blacks

Boers at Kansanshi mine introduce apartheid, install robots to prevent vehicles for blacks

IMG-20130626-WA0004Kansanshi Mining Plc management influenced by Boers from South Africa has decided that all vehicles for black Zambians shall not be allowed entry into the mine lease and will only park outside the main gate which is about 7 to 10 kilometers to their work places.

Only whites and Boers will be allowed entry. The land earmarked for blacks to park is already being cleared. Vehicles for whites and boers will be censored via the robots to allow entry.

The robots have already been installed. Refer to picture.

Kansanshi mine is already installing electronic gates that will alternate with robots for passage to prevent zambian blacks from entering the mine with personal vehicles.

Only a few selected zambians will be allowed entry.

‘At this giant mine in Zambia, aparthied has suppassed what the people of south africa went through. There is too much racism against Zambians’, said one Miner.

“President Sata promised to sort many things out but nothing has happened yet things are now worse from the time PF took office. Here most whites, mostly of South African origin, have no qualifications while others are working without permits which even the local immigration office know.What a country,’ a miner complained to the Watchdog.

The miner continued that ‘We hope something can be done as soon as possible. Zambians are demeaned time and again. Few Zambians in top management however are not helping at all as they themselves have become bootlickers to these unschooled chaps whose number has exceeded any imaginable number for expatriates yet just a handful equally can qualify to be experts as most of them have very humble educational background.’

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