Bogus Mulungushi Textiles handover exposed

Zambian officials sign MOU with Tanzanian businesmen in July

Zambian officials sign MOU with Tanzanian businesmen in July

The recent handover to Mohamed Enterprises Textiles Limited (METL) of the defunct Mulungushi Textiles factory in Kabwe is a gimmick to solicit votes from Kabwe people initiated by Edgar Lungu’s campaign team.

The textile factory which isjontly owned by the Chinese government and the ministry of defence has not been operational for over eight years was in July this year leased to Gulam Dewji, a Tanzanian businessman of Asian origin and owner of METL who promised to commence operations within two months but upon inspecting the factory, it was discovered that most equipment had been vandalized and stolen.

A source within the defence ministry has told the Watchdog that METL felt cheated and decided to renegotiate the agreement but defence minister and PF presidential aspirant Edgar Lungu directed the PS under his ministry to plead with the Tanzanian businessman to come for a fake handover which was done last week.

“METL have refused to take over that factory because it is vandalized, you know there was asset stripping and most things are not there but when they were being offered they were told that everything is intact and upon inspection they were shocked. Really nothing will happen it is just that Edgar Lungu wants to attract votes from Kabwe people,” said the source.

Mulungushi Textiles legal officer Jeremiah Sinkende and acting deputy general manager, a Colonel Chipika last week ‘handed over’ the factory to some Tanzanians purportedly representing METL. PF in Kabwe have since asked youths to start ‘applying’ for jobs while there is already plenty of pending applications that were received during the Highridge ward by election won by PF.

But UPND central province youth chairman Milner Mwanakampwe says no amount of lies will ever win the PF this forthcoming election. Mwanakampwe said the PF can even claim that God anointed them to rule Zambians but people have made up their minds.

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