Mulungushi Textiles ‘investor’ repacking imported fertiliser into Nitrogen Chemicals bags

Mulusa at ZCMTMohammed Enterprises Tanzania limited is repacking imported fertiliser into empty bags labelled ‘Nitrogen Chemicals’ which is resold to unsuspecting farmers through some government appointed agents, some of which through the infamous e-voucher system under the Farmer Input Support Program (FISP) and some money is being paid to senior PF officials including President Edgar Lungu.

METL is the bogus Tanzanian firm which signed a corrupt 12 years renewable lease agreement with PF government for Mulungushi Textiles but the company has been importing fertiliser and detergents which are being offloaded for resale. The scam was exposed early this year by President Lungu’s special assistant for projects implementation and monitoring but no action has been taken. The company has obtained an injunction against termination of the lease while the textile plant has remained closed.

Fertiliser is fetching between K420 to K480 and according to the deal the PF clique is getting K200 commission for every bag sold. Some of the fertiliser is being offloaded through the Fertiliser input Support Programme under the infamous e-voucher system.

A commercial farmer who bought over 500 bags at a discounted rate from METL disclosed he was shocked to see that the fertiliser was packed in the ‘Nitrogen’ bags while another source from Nitrogen Chemicals also that some empty branded bags were dispatched to Kabwe for the exercise in an effort to dupe people that the fertiliser manufacturing company in Kafue is operating at full capacity.

“It is not all the fertiliser packaged in NCZ bags which is manufactured here, some of it is in Kabwe and some thousands of bags were dispatched to Kabwe for the exercise. It is a big scam involving big people,” he said.

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