Bomb scare in Kasama

Business at Shoprite, PEP Stores, Budget, Cavmont Back and ZANACO bank in Kasama came to a stand-still this morning after word went round that a bomb has been planted at the premises accommodating the companies.

Shoprite Kasama Manager Duncan Nkandu told the media that one of his officers received a phone call from a known person around 09:15 hours that some people had planted a bomb after which he immediately informed the security wings who moved in and dispersed workers.

Kasama is stronghold for the PF GBM faction which is at war with the Wynter Kabimba led faction and is also home for the embattled Paramount chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people whose palace continues to be surrounded by police ordered by dictator President Michael Sata. Bomb scares which were common in the Chiluba days when Sata was MMD national secretary have resurfaced.

Sources told the Watchdog that by 15:00hrs security officers from the Zambia police, Zambia Army and the Intelligence were keeping vigil of the place.
Bomb scares were prevalent during the Chiluba regime when Sata was MMD national secretary. The scares were made by government agents to divert attention from some burning issues or to later implicate innocent people then arrest them.

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