Kapeso personally broke windows to GBM’s house, K345, 000 vanishes

Kapeso personally broke windows to GBM’s house, K345, 000 vanishes

13709669_10210120276590347_353831588_o13711569_10210120283510520_1005863439_o13718073_10210120279670424_1309731764_o13702390_10210120278270389_1893610105_oNorthern Province Police Commissioner Bonny Kapeso was personally involved in teargasing Geoffrey Mwamba’s children and breaking the door to Mr. and Mrs. Mwamba’s bedroom.

And K345, 000 cash that was in Mrs. Mwamba’s bedroom has gone missing.

According to an eye witnesses, after the PF rally addressed by president Edgar Lungu, some residents went to dump PF regalia at GBM’s house to show that they just went to watch musicians but could not put on UPND regalia for fear of being hacked.  The UPND calls this approach ‘Water Melon’ whereby they put UPND regalia inside or closer to the heart but artificially cover it with PF material to avoid being killed by violent PF thugs.  The dumping of PF material at GBM’s residence incensed PF officials who dispatched PF thugs to had attack GBM’ s house.

UPND youths then mobilized themselves and camped at GBM’s house guarding it overnight.

Then president Lungu decided to involve the police who, at 05 hours moved in and surrounded all UPND youths and arrested them.

After defeating UPND youths, the police turned to GBM’s house and broke down the doors and threw teargass in the house as these photos prove.

Mrs Mwamba , UPND parliamentary candidate Sibongile mwamba and Gbm’s grandchildren age from 10 years to 2 years were all in the house, an eye witness explained.

The eye witness said GBM’ sister who is asthmatic has since been rushed to the hospital because she had collapsed.

Mrs Mwamba later explained that Bonny Kapeso led the raid and personally broke down fLoors including her bedroom door

Mrs Mwamba explained that in the process she ran out to save her grandchildren and drove them off to a well-wishers house.

On her return to pick her sister in law, she found that she had her collapsed in the house and has been rushed to the hospital.

She Further said after checking, she discovered that UPND regalia has been torn to pieces  and K345 000 cash which was in her bedroom had disappeared.13699334_10210120277030358_124021122_o

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