Bookies Affiliate Programs – How to start making money?

In modern gaming industry affiliate marketing plays crucial role and becoming more and more the prior way of attracting new audience. Almost every today’s provider of sports wagering has its own betting affiliate system.

With such variety it is become hard to decide which of the programs is the most appropriate for you or which to decide. With the purpose in mind of solving such issue, we have collected the best betting affiliate programs based on our research and made up a ranking of TOP-10. Here’s what we got:

1. 1xBet Affilate Program
2. Betway Affiliate Program
3. Bet365 Affiliates
4. Paddy Power Affiliates
5. William Hill Affiliates
6. Ladbrokes Affiliates
7. Dafabet Affiliates
8. Betfred Affiliates
9. Betclic Affiliates
10. Unibet Affiliates

How to choose the best affiliate program?

To answer this question and decide which of the programs is appropriate most, you should pay attention on several important issue. They play crucial role, so taking them in count becomes neccessary.

Beyond this factors, there can be highlighted such items as:

1. Reputation of a bookie
2. Commissions pricing
3. Feedbacks from other affiliates

Description of each of these items, you can easily find in our website, as well as the all neccessary information needed to find the best affiliate program.

How to proceed through the registration in affiliate system of a bookie?

Simpler then you think. However, a little bit harder than it made for ordinary players.

You supposed to get to the website of appropriate program and click on the button with signing in. After that you would asked to fullfil a several spaces with necessary information about you, ways to contact with you, information about your business and your website, as well as the payments info or the way you are going to receive your payouts.

There is an obligation to fullfil only the true information about yourself, otherwise you might face some troubles in the future. The worth outcome – your account would be locked.

What conditions of partnership is better to choose?

Answer to this question depends on your type of traffic and the way you’re attracting the audience.

Overall, there are 3 main schemes due to which affiliates receive their payments: CPA or Cost-per-Click, Revenue Sharing model and the hybrid one.

CPA plan is perfectly used for traffic’s arbitrage or another way with short-term type of audience.

On the other hand, revenue sharing model represent long-term type of audience and common for SEO promotion through search engine systems.

To choose the best one you should decide individually or ask for a consultation from support team for affiliates by any of the bookies listed.


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