Borrowing from China without thinking

That Zambia has yet again borrowed $USD 8 million from China is further confirmation of the back to back stupidity our leaders like indulging in.

According to information given, China and Zambia on Monday 28, 2012 signed a US$8 million military aid agreement for the rehabilitation of the Ndola and Maina Soko Military hospitals.

Geoffrey Mwamba, the character in charge of our military affairs signed on behalf of Zambia. Then Mwamba went on and on about Government being determined to uplift standards in the defence forces. Kupusa.

Sometimes one can be excused for thinking that Zambian leaders are cursed or are a curse on Zambia.

How can you go and borrow K42 billion to renovate a hospital when four weeks ago you donated fuel worth K40 billion to Malawi?

And does it really cost K40 billion to renovate a hospital? Are you going to be renovating or demolishing then constructing?

Zambia is really in the hands of criminals.

Even if it would cost that much, there is no need to go and borrow from China. Let not Mwamba cheat us that this is a donation. These are loans or means by which China holds Zambian leadership by their balls.

It is a loan not a donation. You don’t sign agreements, contracts, and treaties and so on for gifts.

Those documents will never be made public because the details are certainly to the detriment of Zambians.

All we shall hear 10 years from now is that Zambia owes China $2 billion but that due to the cordial relationship and attendant nonsense, China has written off three per cent. Meantime we shall be paying interest on interest while the principle money will remain in place to remind us of their humanity.

Zambia does not need to borrow money from China to renovate Maina Soko or any other hospital. We have that money.

If we can afford to donate five million litres of oil to Nyasaland, we can afford to build hospitals without going to kneel in Shanghai.

In fact, just the money which these criminals are using to get on planes- business class, is enough to renovate Maina Soko hospital.

The cheapest return ticket to China on business class is five thousand dollars. And since they like moving in packs of 10 at minimum, it means that only one trip alone, they spend $50 000.

Even if they had to travel economy class, the cheapest will be $1500, that is $15 000, enough to replace all the broken windows at the hospital.

But of course they get all sorts of allowances plus the money they spend on prostitutes while there.

This kind of wastage and irresponsibility is what is killing our country. That is why we cannot develop. We have all the money we need but we have idiots in leadership who are abusing and stealing our money.

Why should you spend $4 million renovating Maina Soko military hospital? Is that a military hospital anyway?

You can’t develop on borrowed money especially if you are irresponsible and just phoned to go and get the loan. It is not even in you plan and you have no clue how you are going to repay it. All you know is that by the time payment is due, someone else will be responsible.

Can Mwamba tell us that they applied for that loan and explain to us his repayment schedule?

To them they just hear that it is money and they get without considering the long term implications.

Didn’t we just come out of the $7 billion debt which we accumulated but without any evidence of what the money was used for?

And now, these fools are again borrowing without thinking. Can we be told what Zambia’s external debt is at present? We may just discover that we have gone beyond $7 billion again.

And elements like Mwamba expect us to clap for him when he goes to acquire more debts as if we are all functionally illiterate like he.







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