Both Kabimba and Sata have been very divisive elements- Dr. Canisius Banda

The position of the UPND is NOT that Wynter Kabimba was a nation-builder. Wynter was actually the exact opposite.

As UPND, we believe Kabimba was a subversive citizen/civil servant, and a danger to national peace and stability and a classical example of how not to be a citizen, or leader.

In fact, the actions and attitude of Kabimba such as arrogance, lies, and manipulation towards other citizens cannot be separated from that of his boss president Michael Sata.

Mr. Sata and Kabimba have been very opinionated, stubborn and offensive towards other citizens and contemptuously spat on the very foundation of their rise to power.

Since the voice of the people is the voice of God, both Kabimba and Mr. Sata have been very dismissive of God.

They have insulted and demeaned Hakainde Hichilema, an innocent citizen much loved by other citizens, whose only sin is to seek to give back to citizens who educated him and invested in him through many other investments by intending to lead them.

Recently, Kabimba personally admitted to crimes such as that of smuggling foreigners into Zambia to conduct Parallel Voter Tabulation (PVT).

As a public officer, Kabimba also admitted to being offered a bribe and yet he did not report the matter as required by law.

Kabimba, perhaps with authority from his boss Mr. Sata, pursued an undemocratic one party state agenda, against the Zambia constitution dictates.

Kabimba lied to citizens that the draft Republican Constitution, a document he does not consider a national priority, had gone missing.

As UPND, we believe Kabimba’s transgressions and that of his political party, the PF, against the people of Zambia are long.

For now, we wish Mr. Kabimba well and he seeks atonement. Let him take this momentary setback in his life to deeply reflect and seek his reconnection with God.

Though we are tempted to think otherwise, we are convinced that he really did not know what he was doing.

He is merely a man, who like the rest of us falls far short of the glory of God. Based on this belief, we forgive him.

We pray that after personal atonement, he will emerge a better citizen, a humbler Wynter Kabimba, respectful of the rule of law, democracy, citizens and God. Let us all learn from Wynter Kabimba’s life.

He has been a good and vital teaching aid. The lesson of how not to be a citizen and public leader has been told very well by Wynter Kabimba’s tale and his fall.

He was not a nation-builder, far from it. The same evil, corruption, in discipline and tribalism the he and Guy Scott saw and both openly spoke of, have today devoured him.

With these vices still alive and extant in the PF, many more will be decimated within the PF.

May God hear us!
Dr Canisius Banda,

Vice President, UPND


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