‘Both Mangani and Badat not fit for Chipata central’


The political history of Chipata is that no MP has ever serve two terms. Chipata Central has a lot of very influential Zambians of Indian origin who I know have dual citizenship. Badat is one of them and we know that he carries a British passport.

Any candidate to win the seat has to get key votes from places like Dilika Ward. The other key block vote comes from Gonda Barracks.

PF would be making a huge blunder to adopt Badat in Chipata constituency as he would struggle to get votes from key Wards like Dilika and Msanga.

Badat, like most Indians in Chipata were supporters of UNIP but voted for MMD in 1991. This was very strategic as they were protecting their huge investments in Chipata.

When UNIP lost elections in 1991, the likes of Badat were celebrating and benefited so much from the new Chiluba regime. Most of them even benefited from the privatisation of parastatals.

The same people are moving from MMD and joining PF just to line their pockets.

As for Mangani and Lucas Phiri, it is time for people to expose them for being unprincipled.

Both of them were UNIP cadres and were very lucky to have been elected to parliament and then appointed Ministers.

Who is Mangani (a former Deputy Head) and Sable Transport worker to now think he controls Chipata and Eastern Province? I am glad that both Mangani and Lucas are now being shown that, it does not pay to be unprincipled.

Chipata voters must show Mangani that he cannot take the people of Chipata for a ride.

Pimbi Mano

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