Both women and men MMD leaders locked-up in one cell

Both women and men MMD leaders locked-up in one cell

Pastor Mumba others in cells

The MMD leaders held up for having meetings with traditional leaders and people in Markets on the Copperbelt have been locked up in one cell both women and men.

President Nevers Mumba, Chembe Nyangu, Howard Kunda, Anne Chungu, Edith Mataka, Katambo, Chishiba and Raphael Nakachinda have all been locked up at Nkana East Police Station.

Meanwhile the security officers sent by President Michael Sata to Kitwe have arrived in Kitwe and are right now at Kitwe Central Police Station strategising.

They are reported to have carried large quantities of mineral water that is expected to be given to MMD leaders when being interrogated.

The MMD leaders have however been warned by insiders not to accept anything from the security team.

They have been locked up after Police consulted officers from the office of the President. A source within the system has told the Watchdog that the MMD group has been detained after President Sata had talked to expelled MMD National Secretary Richard Kachingwe.

President Sata has ordered police to block any form of meetings organised by opposition political parties using the Public Order Act which civil society countrywide has condemned.

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