Botswana ranked best governed country in Africa.

The Positive Peace Index (PPI) has ranked Botswana the best governed country in Africa. The country is placed at number 41 out of 125 countries which where measured against eight core governance categories.

The categories included issues such as a well functioning government, good relations with neighbours ,free flow of information, respect for human rights and low level of corruption.

In Africa Botswana is followed by Namibia 51, South Africa 53, Ghana 55 and Tunisia 58.

Botswana has also emerged among countries which are considered the most peaceful in the world.

And the 2013 Global Peace Index (GIP) which was released on June 11 by the Institute for Economics and Peace IEP, places Botswana at 32 out of 162 countries.

Therefore, Botswana is above half of the European region countries measured.

In Africa Botswana is placed behind Mauritius 21,but is ahead of Namibia 46, Zambia 48, South Africa 121 and Zimbabwe 149.

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