Bowman Lusambo says HH should feed his cows in Southern Province and not people of Chongwe


Lusaka province Minister and former MMD youth thug Bowman Lusambo has hallucinated that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema should not attempt to help starving Zambians but should instead feed his cows in Southern Province and his own people in Bweengwa.
Lusambo was speaking this morning when he phoned in during the Hot FM breakfast show.
He has further claimed that the UPND leader was blocked by police in Chongwe where he wanted to help people because the place he visited was a restricted area, (Dam and Chongwe river).

‘He has failed to render help to his people in Bweengu (Bweengwa) and we have seen how people in Bweengu (Bweengwa) are in dire need of help, even his cows in Southern Province need help; there is no one who has requested for that help from him,’ Lusambo said.
Lusambo said government cannot accept help from Mr Hichilema adding that if the UPND leader has 25,000 bags of meali meal which he wants to give people, he (Lusambo) can buy 25,000 bags of meali meal within one minute and give people. But when asked why he was not doing that, he said government was already doing that.

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