Boy Scouts members push for extra-ordinary AGM to sort mess





FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                 January 11, 2012


CONTACT: Richard Silungwe

Division Commissioner-Copperbelt

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For the past several weeks the Zambia Scouts Association has been living through an institutional situation on which it is our collective duty to inform all brother/sister scouts and members of the public.

1. On 22.December 2011, a Petition was addressed by 13 Scout Districts and 83 Adults in Scouting- Scout Leaders- to the National Scout Board Secretary pursuant to and in accordance with Article 6.4(ii) read together with Article 10.5(ii) of the Zambia Scouts Association Constitution making a request for action to convene the Zambia Scouts Association [ZSA] National Scout Conference –Extraordinary Meeting indicating  to the Board a number of actions to be taken including the Dissolution of the National Board and National Commissioners Committee of the Zambia Scouts Association on the grounds of;

Abrogation and breach of the Zambia Scouts Association Constitution

Wilful neglect, Incompetence and Inability to implement National Scout Conference directives

Questionable Practices by Management at National Headquarters

With petitioners making the requisition [13 Scout Districts and 83 Commissioners and Scout Leaders signed] amounting to more than the required number set out in Article 6.4(ii) of the Zambia Scouts Association, the petition is technically legal and enforceable at the expiry of the 14days [this date being 04th January,2012]. This Petition was widely circulated and unfortunately no official response has been tendered by the Board to date.

They have instead adopted a scheme aimed at distracting members from the real issues, engaging in a vicious assault on the personal character and membership status of the petitioners’ in an apparent plan to purge the ZSA of dissenting views.

2. In the same time frame, before the National Scout Conference would act to correct a number of governance issues indicated in the Petition, the National Board Secretary ‘suspended’ the CHIEF SCOUT COMMISSIONER, a decision that we understand has been contested by the affected party without any advance notice to the scouting membership.

The combined result of the above leadership crisis places Zambia Scouts Association in a dramatic situation.

3. The National Board and Commissioners have lamentably failed to exercise the power of the station they are at now, consequently losing the legal and moral ground.

To tackle this and after considering all avenues possible to resolve this crisis with various actors, we the members faced with the legal and penal consequences for the operational structure of Zambia Scouts Association that this leadership situation presents, have considered to have no alternative but to convene the Extra-ordinary Meeting of the National Scout Conference at Lusaka [National Scout Headquarters] on the 28th Day of January in the year 2012 commencing at 09:30hrs.

All Scout Districts and Adult Scout Leaders are requested to commence arrangements pertaining to their respective roles in this program







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