BoZ claims fire at Ndola branch was drill

Business in Ndola today came to a standstill as Bank of Zambia was reported to have been gutted.

However a check by ZANIS revealed that the fire was a staged act to assess the Bank of Zambia’s preparedness to handle an emergency.

Police and Fire brigade vehicles rushed to the scene as Ndola residents looked on helplessly on what they believed was fire in the Bank of Zambia building.

The staged act seemed so real leaving residents in shock.

Meanwhile Bank of Zambia Acting Director Patrick Mulenga expressed satisfaction at the overwhelming response from Police and the Fire Brigade who rushed to the scene in a matter of minutes.

He said the outcome of the mock emergency shows that Bank of Zambia is adequately prepared to handle an emergency.

And Ndola District Commissioner Rebby Chanda who also rushed to the scene believing there was a fire was impressed with Bank of Zambia’s preparedness for an emergency of such nature.


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