BOZ employees declare dispute, Councils and civil servants go without salaries, but still voted for PF

Bank of Zambia employees have declared a dispute over the meager 5 percent increment they have been awarded despite the wage freeze imposed by the PF government.

And a number of government departments in the civil service face delayed salaries due to lack of money by the bankrupt PF government.

Meanwhile, council employees around the country, including the supposedly rich Lusaka City Council have now gone for more than 9 months without salaries.

But that should not worry president Edgar Lungu and the PF government because voting patterns are no longer based on who has best solutions for the country as people are ready to starve to death as long as it is their own clansman who is in State House.

Zambia Central Bank employees who are among the highly paid people in the country are also feeling the pinch of high cost of living and were demanding for a reasonable salary increment but the PF government only gave them 5 percent.

They have since declared a dispute that may soon paralyze the operations of the bank operations.

On the other hand, civil servants that voted for the wage freeze in the just ended presidential elections also voted for no salaries or delayed salaries as the PF government has run completely bankrupt.

With Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda retained and sworn-in in his position, perhaps that should not be a big problem as he will just go and borrow for consumption and as such economic policies mean nothing to Zambian voters.

Lusaka City Council employees, where Mulenga Sata is the Mayor, have now gone for more than nine months without salaries, but were happy to vote for the PF government.

The same applies to farmers across the country who had no problems voting for the PF despite not having been for their hard work for last season as such was not an issue as long as it was their relative who was consigning them to poverty.

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