Brace for more suffering – Mwape

The Zambia council for social development (ZCSD) has charged that poverty levels in the country are likely to hit the highest mark under the current economic challenges.

ZCSD Executive secretary Lewis Mwape says the people of Zambia must be ready and tighten their belts as they pass through various hardships.

He explains that migration to Cost effective electricity tariffs, means increased tariffs, and Fuel going up with removed subsidies and the Cost of food will also go up stressing that all the basic commodities are likely to go up.

Mr. Mwape says the poor who form the majority of the nation will not be able to afford and as a result, the poverty levels will continue to increase.

He says it is important that measures are put in place to prevent the cost of living from escalating further so that the poor can afford.

Mr. Mwape further states that the country at 50, the poverty levels should be reducing and not increasing.

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