Braggadocio Sata’s Aide George Chellah assaults journalist

Ailing dictator Michael Sata’s press aide George Chellah has also become a baby cobra going by the venom he has been spitting on media practitioners and evaluating the rate, he may be worse than his masters, Sata and Post newspapers owner Fred Namakando Mmembe.

According to the Daily Nation newspaper, Chellah who has failed to convince his master to call a press conference for over two years in office verbally assaulted and abused the independent newspaper’s reporter Wallen Simwaka for two days continuously. In a short message service (SMS) sent to Simwaka, the baby cobra called Simwaka a failure and boasted about his (Chellah’s) ascendance in the profession.

“I left the Post newspaper as assistant news editor. This was after my return from Harare in Zimbabwe where I successfully established the first Post bureau in the region. I was only 25 years at the time. So please clarify your misrepresentation in your story assuming they were not deliberate. It is not my fault that you are still a cab reporter in your 40s. God rewards hard work, honesty and not malice. I was and will always be a better journalist than you. Get that into your head and stop hating. What you are trying to do now can’t even come closer to my early stages of practice at the Post. Act your age and save us the shame as members of the journalism profession. Clearly journalism has failed you, you would better get back to printing. I look forward to your releasing this text in your newspaper tomorrow, hopefully you will report factually this time. Your desperation is laughable. Happy new year,” went Chellah’s venom in the SMS.

Chellah’s corrupt activities while at the Post are well known, additionally we all know the main hideous things Chellah went to do in Harare and we also know his stance on homosexuality, we also know why Mmembe dropped Bivan Saluseki and picked Chellah to be Sata’s campaign reporter but Chellah is what his incarcerated namesake George Mpombo would call a braggadocio and empty tin. It is only last month that the baby cobra lost his mother and we expect him to be in a sorrowful state but as expected of an empty tin, he is producing noise, or he has sacrificed his mother for a job!

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