Brave youths go on the street

Despite heavy police presence in town, some brave youths have gone on the streets to protest against corruption in government, unemployment, Chinese colonialism etc

See video.



t is either the President has wrong advisors or he himself has failed to use God given wisdom.

Stopping the youths from demonstrating will infuriate them the more. The youths could have been allowed to demonstrate, provide them with adequate security, advise the youths to demonstrate to Statehouse, the President himself receives the petition at the gate of Statehouse and promises to address the concerns the youths are raising. Kwasila.

The youths who seek to demonstrate are his employers. He will need them in 2021 to extend his contract. A wise man does not soil his own bread.

This issue of stopping people exercising their rights creates more animosity towards governments. Since 2016, the PF has allowed only one demonstration by the Civil Society(yellow card), while rejecting several notifications,arrested 42 for 42 demonstrators despite notifying the police, arrested civil society and church leaders discussing the budget at an indoor meeting in Ndola, arrested Pilato and his colleagues attending an indoor meeting at a Church in Livingstone recently, the list is long.

On the other hand, the State has allowed PF cadres demonstrate without permit. People are watching.

You may succeed in stopping people from exercising their right to demonstrate , but you will not succeed to stop them from exercising their right to vote. When your time to go comes, nothing will stop it. Ubushiku mukashama, ne chimbala chika myocha’. ‘ati siku yakufa kolwe, na mtengo umatelela’.

Don’t be like Pharaoh who waited for plagues to let Israel go. Be human, be humane, people are suffering, they want to reach out to you, hear them. ‘Ukusunga imbwa mano, mbula mano asungila imbwa muchipyu, yaya’, munshebwa aile namanshinsha kubuko’.

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