BRE accuses PF govt of arming Nkoya militia in Kaoma

In its continued agenda of creating tribal division,outgoing President Edgar Lungu’s PF government has armed a group of Nkoyas in Kaoma District of Western Province(Barotseland) to antagonise the Barotse Royal Establishment(BRE) in Kaoma.
Correspondence from the BRE Naliele Kuta in Kaoma and BRE sources indicates that a group of Nkoyas was allegedly tasked to kill Chief Kakumba and were armed with 6 AK 47 assault rifles and 375 rounds of ammunition.
The BRE has alleged that on 21st January this year a group of 60 ‘ínsurgents’ led by a Vincent Kamwaya, an Induna for Chief Mwene Kahare of the Nkoya, attempted to attack Mwiya Kakubenge, Munalula Akufuna and Chief Kakumba in their respective homes claiming that they had instructions to deliver Chief Kakumbi’s head to Chief Kahare.
The group was however arrested by the police before they could execute their task and Chief Kakumbi was informed by the District Commissioner for Nkeyema of the attempt on his life.
The PF police however released a bigger number of the 60 including their leader Vincent kamwaya while they are intimidating and arresting opposition UPND members for possessing three pangas and one ‘spear’.
The Criminal Investigations Officer at Kaoma police has since instructed that the PF government armed Nkoya group arrested members be charged with poaching and the case to be treated as a traditional boundary dispute case.
BRE Induna Yutanga, who is the Acting Imangambwa, Nyambe Namushi has however charged that it was clear that the Zambian government was applying divide and rule tactics in the region.
‘The inertia being exhibited by the authorities concerning this matter of a criminal nature by trying to divert it and relegate it to what they term as traditional conflict not meriting the attention of the penal code is clear evidence that the government of Zambia is applying kid glove tactics to divide and rule the people of Kaoma district on ethnic and tribal lines,’ charged Induna Yutanga.
Mr Nyambe Namushi(Induna Yutanga) was one of the Barotse treason accused under Rupiah Banda’s government in 2011 who were later pardoned by late President Sata and was one of the Commissioners on the Roger Chongwe Commission of Inquiry on the 2011 Mongu killings in which over 19 people lost their lives.
He said if the government will not bring the culprits to book it will be concluded that the ‘ínsurgents’ were operating with full knowledge and blessings of the government.
During the time of late President Michael Sata, the same group in Kaoma was armed with a number of pistols by the government to cause violence in the region.

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