BRE announces that dialogue on Barotseland Agreement will soon commence-Dialogue council to be unveiled soon

Lungu with the Litunga last year

The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has announced that its now ready to meet the Zambian government and engage in dialogue over the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 which was unilaterally abrogated by the Zambian government in 1964.
Barotseland Prime Minister (Ngambela) Nyambe Mwenda announced during a briefing in Limulunga today that a dialogue council comprising members from representatives of communities, Barotseland political activists, institutions of traditional governance structures and specific nominees of the BRE will soon be unveiled.
A few weeks before the 2016 general elections, the BRE had sent a delegation to meet resident Lungu at State House after which Lungu announced that he was ready to dialogue over the standoff surrounding the Barotseland Agreement.
Lungu has also stated that dialogue was to commence once the BRE was ready but that that would only be after the 2016 elections.
He had further stated that should the two parties (Barotseland and Zambian delegations) fail to agree, then they will agree to disagree and art company.
Below is the Ngambela’s statement:
Barotse Royal Establishment
16th April, 2018
I wish to inform the people of Barotseland in particular and the Zambian citizens in general that the Barotse the Royal Establishment (BRE) has concluded its pre- dialogue consultation process in respect of the pending negotiations with the government of the Republic of Zambia over the matter of the Barotseland Agreement 1964.
This pre-dialogue consultation commenced in July 2016 following a meeting between His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia and a delegation of Barotse Royal Establishment which I led wherein it was agreed in principle that negotiations be deferred to the period after the 2016 tripartite elections, upon which the process should be taken to its full course.
During this intervening period the BRE has muted and concretized a process for the formation of a Dialogue Council, to be comprised of representatives of communities, Barotse Political Activists, the institutions of traditional governance structures and specific nominees of the BRE, whose task would be to aid the BRE in managing the negotiation with the Government of Zambia.
It is hereby notified that the composition of the Dialogue Council shall be unveiled after a meeting of District Chiefs and their Kutas, to be convened in the due course.
On behalf of His Majesty Lubosi Imwiko II, Litunga of Barotseland, the Council of Chiefs and all structures of the Barotse Royal Establishment I wish to convey sincere gratitude to the people of Barotseland for their patience exercised during the trying period leading to the current position.
The same gratitude is extended to His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia and his administration for providing a conducive environment that has enabled the BRE to work through the process of pre-dialogue consultation and the President’s undertaking to engage into direct negotiations when the Barotse Royal Establishment is ready.
I wish to conclude by stating once again that the Barotse Royal Establishment is now ready for negations.
I thank you.
Nyambe Mwenda
Ngambela of Barotseland.


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    Tungulu Mutwaleti 3 days ago

    And if he continues “niona onao wakona Kaongolo ka Nyambe wa kubeteka sicaba sakona bobusile ni malungasiku, konji ka inyaze wa Yeta Nalute ni Sikeletu”. I would actually suggest the people just end this nightmare on the 21st of this month kwa Kuomboka ba kaminise mikope kanamunungu kao ka kozi sicaba. 

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    Tungulu Mutwaleti 3 days ago

    Mr Lubosi Imwiko must know that any undue influence on who sits on the Barotseland team will be treasonous! We have lived under his stupid clueless rule for so long and this is where we draw the line. In case he needs reminding, Barotse people wanted Aka for Litunga but Chiluba with his Walubita corrupted indunas to vote for this Lubosi gutless corrupt idiot! If he fills the team with imbeciles like himself, konji lu utomole munungu wa Kaongolo ka Nyambe fa Lioma laluna.

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    Very disappointing. This is bushshit,What is BRE over BNC March 27th 2012?
    BRE can’t represent Barotseland other than Western province.under BRE created by Kaunda Barotseland was /is reduced to a province without consultations.Litunga reduced to paramount chief,what negociation.Note that BA64,is not for BRE a club formed by Kaunda to please princes,Barotseland is for the people of Barotseland not a single Family tree. Nobody is owning Barotseland than the whole of the people of Barotseland including thiose that are not Born.Those who want to negociate with Zambians shift to zambiaand stay have failed to protect Mombotwa and more people killed (19) gone missing or killed since 2011. Over 500 people tortured ,locked up into prisons,at Mongu,mumbwa,mwembeshi,mukobeko,kasama,luwingu and mansa.Barotseland follows the BNC which comes one in decades like eclipse of the sun.Befoer you go to negociate for food and money go back to BNC march 2012 resolutions.BRE should not cheat the world about negociations for Barotseland other than negociate for food ,money and clthes as 90% of indunas are bloke.Ki talafeela.