BRE dethrones Chief Mwene Chiyengele

The Barotse Royal Establishment(BRE) has dethroned Chief Mwene Chiyengele of the Mbunda people after he refused to appear before the Kuta (traditional court) to answer charges
Mwene Chiyengele (Jailasi Nyumbu) was dragged to the Kuta by his subjects over land issues but he has charged that he was dethroned for holding the Cheke- Chambunda traditional ceremony and has argued that he could only be dethroned by President Sata.
Induna Inete of the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) said he could only give reasons for the dethronement of Mwene Chiyengele after seeking permission from the Kuta.
Jailasi Nyumbu was installed as Chief Mwene Chiyengele by the Barotse Royal Establishment in 2010 at Limulunga Royal Village.
The Chief had sought police protection after he was summoned by the Kuta but they stayed away and Western Province Police Commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi refused to comment on the matter.

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