BRE says it is opposed to Bill 10, says the draconian Bill is targeted at Barotseland

The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has expressed shock at the PF controlled ZNBC which aired a news item yesterday purporting that the BRE supports Bill 10 and that nominated Member of Parliament Raphael Nakachinda presented Bill 10 to His Majesty the Litunga.
In a statement dated 26th May 2020 and signed by Barotseland Prime Minister (Ngambela) Mukela Manyando which was read on his behalf by Induna Imandi, he said to the contrary, the BRE presented their position paper to Nakachinda which clearly stated that the BRE had unanimously resolved to reject Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 and had demanded for its withdrawal from parliament.
‘Further, we refute the allegation that Hon Nakachinda presented Bill 10 to His Majesty the Litunga. At no time did Hon Nakachinda meet the Litunga nor did he present the Bill to His Majesty,’ reads part of the statement.
The BRE further charged that the enactment of the Bill 10 constitutional amendments was targeting to discriminate against a section of the Zambian community adding that Barotseland appears to be the target of such draconian legislation aimed at dismembering the unity it achieved centuries ago.
They have since advised media houses (ZNBC) to be professional in their reporting and avoid stressing irrelevant trivial issues that appeal to their preconceived agenda at the expense of the core issues related to the subject.
Nakachinda has spent the past 4 days gallivanting from palace to palace in Western Province trying to convince traditional leaders to compel opposition UPND Members of Parliament to vote for Bill 10 when it comes up in parliament which resumes its seating’s on 9th June 2020.
In 2019 the BRE had submitted its position to the Parliamentary Committee on Bill 10 and demanded for removal of clauses that it claimed were aimed at Barotseland and the Litunga in particular.

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