Break-in at Dr. Mumba’s house work of State agents- Die hard MMD wing

The Die Hard MMD youth wing have claimed that the break-in at Lusaka Villa of Dr. Nevers Mumba early of Monday morning was the work of state intelligence.

But in his first appearance in public today since coming back from India for a ‘private visit’ President Michael Sata doubted the report by Dr. Mumba claiming he failed to say what precisely was stolen.

And Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili has claimed that Dr. Mumba was not even a political factor for the PF to start scheming against him.

Some people yesterday broke into Dr. Mumba’s apartment he renting on Thabo Mbeki Road in Lusaka.

Pastor Mumba, who is aspiring to become MMD president, said those who broke into his apartment at Falls Way Villas, went away with his personal documents, laptop and an undisclosed amount of money.

And according to the PF controlled

Post Newspapers Pastor Mumba, who is former High Commissioner to Canada, accused the government of scheming to obliterate his MMD presidential ambitions.

Pastor Mumba accused the state of being behind the alleged break-in, which he said occured between 02:00 and 06:00 hours.

“There has been a consistent plan to harass me, to intimidate me, to injure me and to harm me. I am aware of individuals that have been planted to find anything about and against me that they will present to the President to use against me,” Pastor Mumba said at his apartment, where police were found taking a statement from him.

“I am aware that some of my family members have been approached and offered money to discredit me in the media and also to find a way in which they could expose me to danger. My conclusion as a mature person and a person who worships God is that this President

Sata and this government have evil intentions against my life. I am aware that this government has vowed to ensure that I do not become president of the MMD and a number of these activities are aimed exactly at that…to discredit me before the Zambian people by raising false allegations.”

Pastor Mumba said the government had been against him from the moment he returned from Canada and even harassed him with trumped-up allegations of abuse of office, for which they have not been able to charge him.

“The owners are totally amazed at how this operation was undertaken.

Obviously their goal was to have access to my personal information, banking information, my network of friends and truly smells the work of state operatives,” he said.

He claimed that President Sata fired former Inspector General of Police Dr Martin Malama for protecting him from hooligans during campaigns in Msanzala constituency of Petauke district, a move which he said raised concern with his family and team.

He said it was at that point that he realised President Sata did not mean well concerning him.

“They want to find a plan by which they can arrest me before the convention

MMD so that I am not present for the convention, then release me after the convention. We are aware of those details and their own people are giving that information. They will stop at nothing to stop me from participating and becoming the president for MMD,” he claimed.

He said the government would not succeed in frustrating him but instead they would end up falling into the trap they had set for him.

“If I have taken anyone’s belongings or money, then God would allow that something would happen to me,” Pastor Mumba said.

“If I have been unjust to Mr Sata and his government, then God would allow it to happen to me but as long as I don’t have anything that’s theirs, that I have taken illegally or anything that I have done to them in their individual capacities, God will not allow it.”

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