Brian Hapunda again arrested for firing gunshots, fellow thugs also detain in Chilanga

PF thug Brian Hapunda is in trouble with the law again. He has been  arrested for firing gunshots at the police in Kalomo on Friday night.

And more than 15 PF thugs have were arrested on Saturday in Chilanga after they beat-up apolice officer and a Zambian army Colonel.

Sources in Kalomo say,  Hapunda who is already facing corruption charges for obtaining money by false pretenses, was coming from bonking his concubine at night but police mistook him for a common thief and started chasing him.

Like other PF thugs who have been armed with guns, pangas, and machetes, Hapunda tried to runaway and started firing gunshots in the air with a view to scare them.

But the police caught-up with him and disarmed him before throwing him for an over-night ‘prayer’ in Kalomo cells with fellow suspects.

It was until the following day that he was released on warn and caution for disorderly conduct.

Hapunda is not knew to such nuisance behavior and one actually wonders how the police have allowed him to carry guns because this is not the first time he was firing gunshots in public.

Some time last year during the first season, Hapunda again fired live gunshots outside a nightclub, but thank God all PF thugs are just released without charges while innocent people are being persecuted in the courts of law.

There was also drama in Lusaka’s Chilanga Golf Club when PF thugs beat-up police officers and an army Colonel whose vehicle they hit after their drink-up at a place they called a ‘district meeting’.

The thugs are also suspected to be the ones that beat-up a police officer in land grabbing wrangles in Lusaka West.

Trouble started after the vehicle carrying the PF thugs hit into an army officer’s vehicle while trying to join the main road from Chilanga Golf Club where they were having a campaign meeting as ordered by PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba recently for them to start 2016 campaigns.

When the army officer came out, the PF thugs airlifted him saying they were the government in power and so were untouchable.

Police officers quickly rushed to the accident scene but were also beaten by the thugs.

It was at that time that a scuffle broke-out and the army officer had to fire gunshots in the air to scare away the unruly thugs.

Later police mobilised themselves and over-powered the thugs, arresting 15 of them and took them to a place called Musamba Police Station in Chilanga.

It is obviously that by now they are out enjoying fresh-air despite such unruly conduct that saw them almost killing a police officer in Lusaka West last week in land grabbing.

Several stakeholders have raised complaints about the existence of armed PF thugs that are even wearing military uniforms and are terrorizing people in the compounds.

But while the PF are on a full-time campaign gear for 2016, they have imposed a ban on opposition parties to also conduct campaigns using the archaic Public Order Act.

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