Brian Mushimba hallucinates about US$ 500 million revenue from ‘Zambia Airways’

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba has hallucinated about making an estimated US$500 million dollars of revenue from air ticket sales from the yet to be actualised Zambia Airways by mid 2018.
Zambia has no national airline and is currently serviced by more than ten foreign carriers transporting 1,500,000 passengers per annum.
Mushimba says once the national airline restarts; Zambia has the potential to earn up to 50 per cent of the estimated US$1.5 billion revenue generated from air ticket sales. Mushimba is basing his calculations on the 1.5 billion dollars estimated to be accrued by the over 10 foreign airlines that are currently servicing Zambia.
He says government through the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) will hold 55 per cent in Zambia Airways (2014) Limited and 45 per cent by Ethiopian Airlines, the so called strategic partner.
Zambia has no national airline from the time Zambia Airways was shut down in the early 1990’s after rampant abuse of the airline. It was common in those days for relatives of employees to fly around the world monthly on free tickets while the company was making loses.

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