Bring back our girls, which girls?


Here are few points that Nigerians are asking.

Where are the parents of the missing girls? ~ Wole Soyinka

Why has the government not published pictures of the kidnapped girls? ~ Wole Soyinka

Many vehicles are needed to transport the girls. Who saw them? ~ Godswill Alpabio

How were they transported? If the girls were made to walk in the bush, how come no villagers saw them? ~ Godswill Akpabio

If the girls were said to have been transported in

trucks (Hilux) assuming 10 girls per truck, that means 23 trucks for the girls and 7 for the insurgents? Why no sightings of them?

Why were the principal and teachers not touched?

What was the principal’s reaction during the incident?

Some of the girls allegedly escaped and not one was shot, contrary to the past MO wherein they were shot. Did they really escape or were they actually freed?

The Nigerian government paid N1 million each to the parents of the girls? What was this money for?

No doubt all these questions, together with the current geopolitical machinations in the region leave us with a distant tinny taste of being played by all parties involved. What is really going on?


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