Bring Liato and other beasts to book, says Chingola pastor


It is not only shocking but very disgraceful and hating that a former cabinet minister would be so greedy to burry K2.1 billion in trunks at his farm. This catch may be an iceberg concerning people who governed us. One may not be very wrong to suspect that a lot of public moneys have been abused or are lying hidden in VARIOUS places by those who were charged with instruments of power. What a shame! Where did a son of a former cabinet minister get $250,000 to stack in his bank accounts?  The discoveries of plundered resources by some MMD officials should be trailed and fought very vigorously until they return what they stole irrespective of what their statuses were.

Such greed should be condemned in strongest terms by every well meaning person and must be pursued with united effort so as to undo the evils some of these men and women who ruled Zambia in the past regimes have mercilessly done to our country. The country can not have meaningful development when its leaders resort to thieving.

How did such huge sum of money get into the custody of one person? Where did he get it from and why did he choose to burry it if he got it genuinely? This should be regarded as A crime against humanity because it borders on economic sabotage which we can’t just watch and let go so easily without the recourse of the law taking its course. Those found wanting must not only be prosecuted but meted with stiffer penalties BY THE COURTS OF LAW for their role in sabotaging the economy.

The citizenry would not be wrong to conclude that personal enrichment, and not to serve the masses, may be the major reason why most men and women jostle for political offices. No wonder they go to extremes of lying and PROMOTION OF HATRED against their opponents.

It is very needful that all of us should rally behind the leadership of His excellency President Michael Sata and those he has entrusted with duty to find and recover what was stolen by any one recently or in the past. Mr. President be encouraged to continue in this effort to recover what these brutal beasts plundered. In this matter your government has scored a plus worth of gratefulness by all of us. Police, DEC and ACC equally deserve a part on the shoulders for their effort to crack down on serialized crimes.


Bishop Joseph Kazhila


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