Britain still has imperialistic and hegemonic attitude-Sakala

Tom Carter and wife

Tom Carter and wife

Forum for Political Parties (FPP) chairperson Edwin Sakala has urged Foreign Affairs Minister Kabinga Pande to diplomatically ask the British government to recall its envoy to Zambia Tom Carter.

Mr Sakala urged government to utilise the laid down diplomatic avenues to ask the Britain to recall its envoy in Zambia citing undiplomatic interferences in the internal political affairs of the country.

The FPP chairperson said that Zambia expects diplomatic missions accredited to Zambia to help mould and strengthen the tranquility, peace and harmony which the Southern African nation has enjoyed since independence from its colonial master in 1964.

He urged the British government to utilise the internationally accepted and recognized communication channels to comment on matters that concern Zambia.

Mr Sakala disclosed that up to date the British envoy has failed to respond to FPP’s recent petition presented to him saying the action showing a typical character of the British imperialism and hegemonic attitude on its former colonies in Africa.

He said the petition was meant to condemn the action by the envoy, to meddle in the decision of the Zambian judiciary on the acquittal of the former Zambian president Dr Chiluba.

A fortnight ago,the FPP peresented to the British High commissioner to demonstrate agianst his action of meddling in the inernal affairs of the country.

In the petition , the forum also demanded for information on how much the British government has expended to the Task force since its establishment.

Meanwhile FPP has called on the British Government to appoint a commission of inquiry to probe the gross violence of human rights perpetrated by the task force on corruption against specific individuals using the tax payers’ money.

In a press statement to ZANIS today, Mr Sakala said his association has since written to Home Affairs minister Lameck Mangani demanding that British opposition party leader, David Cameron and the British foreign secretary David Milliband to check on the activities of the British envoy to Zambia to help get the information they need on the Task Force.

He added that the decision by Mr Carter demonstrated an attitude of double standards saying that they were the same people that did take a position when some Zambians were maliciously prosecuted on fabricated charges.

He accused the British government of heavily funding a few individuals to constitute the task force on corruption in Zambia and get hefty allowances by trumping up charges against specific individuals using their surrogate media to criminalize such individuals.

Mr Sakala wondered why some civil society organization who were approach and talked to regarding the violation of the human right violation remained silent about what was going on but have now come out in the fore front to crusade a campaign against the acquittal of Dr Chiluba.

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